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ILLÉGALITÉ: Transfer of Power

After WWII, the world stopped, turned and looked at itself but could not see the problem was the people inside people. Social psychology discipline –with all its might– focused on unraveling the authority /individual relationship. The nature of human, its ambition, its desire for power, were moving along a path that even the most ordinary individuals did everything to rise, up to misconduct, but lost the legitimacy of their initial goals and targets for this cause. Ages and civilization could never change this.


Subsequently the reality is manipulated, the citizens are distracted and polarized with populist rhetoric –when the power is transferred–, promises made are forgotten. Yesterday's victims transforms into tomorrow's oppressors today. It keeps the individual within the stereotypes with content that excludes the non–loyals, feeds on hatred, and no success goes unpunished. Although the rulers change, tyranny is always on hold, in dust.


Power needs an enemy as an instrument of fear in order to perpetuate itself. Stages spectacular plays with alternate victories, and in the blink of an eye it creates its own autocratic oligarchy with favoritism, censorship and repression. Tyrant becomes disidentified as he rises and in the end of his rule, there is either loneliness or death.

Exhibited as a mini solo at Lazarus Center, MICA [Baltimore, US].

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