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As an introspective exploration of the complex interplay between thoughts, beliefs, and moral systems; Trigger Warning explores the purgatory among criticism, freedom of speech and the 'ideal' language. In a world that anthropologists estimate 3000~18000 beliefs and uncountable ethical systems have been created by humans; every thought, no matter how innocuous it seems, is either offensive or disturbing for an opposing belief or moral framework. In this context, the 'respectful' stance to any belief system is nothing but a reconstruction of a new 'Inquisition Europe'. As we navigate this ever–evolving landscape of sensitivities, tolerance culture's need to be replaced with any suggested correctness trend prompts a mind to recognize the nuanced nature of our intellectual landscape, fostering a deeper understanding of the intricate tapestry of human ideas and convictions.

Exhibited at the Night Owl Gallery [Baltimore, USA].

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